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    Post  deyon6 on Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:58 pm

    Hi All




    Eastern time (Grenada)

    Email, In

    How long i would be:on weekends, almost the whole day like 9am-1:am,.on weekdays going to be shorter cause of school.School is better than game lol so its going to be about 2-3 hours depends

    Have I ever player retail maple:Yes and i still play on bora, i have 8 chars lvl 18,20,30,25,10,31,40 and my main 55 blaze wizard all different jobs.

    how long i been playing: about 1 and a half years then went and play 12sky.when 12sky2 was out i play that.then i went back to maple so try and play for bout a year again then i started playing private severs

    what i can do:host events,ban hackers and anything you want me to do

    How would I Handle A Hacker:wellat1st ban for 2 weeks,then if happens again instant ban for life like it or not.i really don't like hackers and it will disgrace the sever or drop the rates so i have to ban them immediately

    How Do I Handle An Argument::will find out whats the argument about to see who right or wrong and if i can help with what is it u are arguing about i will help to
    settle it
    once and for all cause i dont want people leaving the sever
    because of a
    bad argument so i will true my best to settle it.

    Have I ever Been a GM Before:Yes i have been a superGm and still on in KrymzonDeathMs and i now everything and commands of a GM and i have good experiences

    My i Trustworthy?yes you can trust me in everything i do.u tell me to trade 2billion dollars to another account i will do it and u have nothing to fear.

    About me and my hobbies:i like playing games and football outside.i am friendly and willing to make new friends i am also trustworthy and always think before i act. Thats are minder for all.

    Why Should you Choose me:you should cause i i like to communicate with people and love to answer alot of questions so i would be helpful.and another thing i will always be looking every place for hacks.and i will put my full vote in this PS

    Can I code?actually no sorry but willing to learn

    Can i follow instructions and the GM rules
    :of course yes i am good at following instructions and a very fast learner as i said

    happy maplying I MY ALWAYS ONLINE

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    Post  [Dntr]Chris on Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:48 pm


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