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    Post  .:Green:. on Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:58 am

    1. How about maybe saying something like in the rankings instead of saying the rates also say that we have like ring effects and allinone custom chais and such there are some people that are looking for certain kinds of servers.

    2. Advertisement: just go to any forum with people that play maplestory and advertise there add pictures and what we have.

    3. Tell people to ask their friends about the server.

    4. Add like special things like custom events or something if some people find a server that is unique people will play it.

    5. Give special stuff if they start.

    6. Make a custom banner for the rankings things

    7. Maybe say like if you vote you get something like maybe a gm scroll mesos fame ect.

    8. Lastly Just wait

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